Hooper Holmes Health Professionals: Quality Makes a Difference

Hooper Holmes Health Professionals: Quality Makes a Difference

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Earlier this week I spoke with John Bond, Vice President of Provider Relations here at Hooper Holmes, about our network of Health Professionals. John has 18 years of experience developing healthcare provider networks and maximizing those networks’ quality and efficiency. I asked for his insight on Health Professionals and what makes Hooper Holmes’ network of HPs unique to the industry.

What does a Hooper Holmes Health Professional do?

Health Professionals (HPs) are the face of Hooper Holmes and the face of our customers. They visit sites across the country, in all 50 states, to conduct biometric screenings. During the screening, our HPs draw blood, take measurements, complete paperwork, and give counseling as needed. They are also responsible for ensuring that the specimens and data collected are properly packaged and labeled, and that they are delivered to the lab for testing as soon as possible. Hooper Holmes HPs are required to go to a FedEx or UPS store, not a drop box, so that they can hand the specimens to a person who will ensure their delivery.

What makes our network of HPs unique?

Hooper Holmes’ regional Field Management team partners with Event Management and HP Recruiting to oversee our HPs and ensure that the professionals we have in our network are the best in the industry. We don’t assume that all HPs get equal results; we know that a consistent attention to detail and high quality makes a real difference to participants. That’s why we actively monitor our HPs’ work for accuracy and consistency. When we find HPs who are consistently conducting error-free exams and providing participants with a fantastic screening experience, we make sure they are considered first for screenings. We support our HPs with a team of regional Field Supervisors. The Field Supervisors are all seasoned, active HPs. They have a wealth of experience and can offer our network direct coaching and mentoring on ways to avoid common mistakes and strategies to improve the consistency and quality of their work to become one of our best-in-class HPs.

We also have an industry-leading approach to bring high-quality new recruits into our network. Employees in Field Management, Event Management and HP Recruiting review upcoming screenings on a regular basis. Together, they determine which existing HPs are best suited to ensure the success of each screening. They also identify those areas of the country that require additional HP coverage as we continue to grow our business and increase the volume of screenings we complete each year. Once new HP recruits have been fully vetted and trained, they are now partnered with a seasoned, best-in-class HP to observe an actual screening in a mentoring role before they are ever assigned to a screening as an HP. This partnership and opportunity for additional mentoring allows the new recruit to observe an actual Hooper Holmes screening, ask any questions they might have, and ensure they are completely comfortable and prepared before they go out for their first screening.

Why is it important to have a quality HP?

Our HPs represent not only Hooper Holmes, but also the customers that we provide services for. They are placing their trust in the hands of our HPs, and we must ensure that we hire responsible, trustworthy HPs. It is crucial that each individual is treated with care, and that his or her privacy and identity is protected. The quality of the HP’s work not only reflects on Hooper Holmes and the companies we work with, but it can also affect the type of wellness services an individual is offered.

What errors and outcomes are prevented when screenings are conducted by quality HPs?

When quality HPs conduct screenings, the individuals and groups being screened can trust that they will be given accurate results that will lead them to make the best choices to improve their health. A risk assessment can look drastically different from the reality if an HP writes down incorrect information, such as an incorrect height or weight. A person with significant health risks may be overlooked, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, a healthy person may be needlessly flagged for risks. If an HP reports incorrect data for one person, the rest of the group will inevitably question the accuracy of their results. In essence, quality Health Professionals reinforce the integrity of the wellness programs that companies are trying to get their employees involved in.

What qualifications and certifications are HPs required to have?

Hooper Holmes Health Professionals must have all the required state licensures and pass a criminal background check. In addition, they must have experience drawing blood (at least 100 recent draws). Before being considered, HPs also go through a thorough interview and reference check process. Then once hired, they must complete a training program which includes shadowing a best-in-class HP for one session.

In addition to having the proper qualifications, what qualities and skills do we look for when hiring HPs?

Beyond the aforementioned requirements, we look for several qualities when considering Health Professionals. We look for individuals who are professional in appearance as well as manner. They must have excellent blood draw skills, as well as excellent people skills. How our HPs interact with the people being screened is very important, it reflects on us, the company, and on the wellness program itself. Additionally, we look for HPs who are consistent and reliable, and who have excellent attention to detail.

If you’d like to learn more, contact John Bond at john.bond(at)hooperholmes.com

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